Thursday, April 19

Thursday Thirteen #16: Places I've Gotten Lost

I'm back from hiatus with a collection of places around the world where I've lost my way. Thankfully, I've always found it again!

1· Pauanui, New Zealand (1998)
2· Youngstown, OH, USA (1993)
3· Rainforest outside Barahona, Dominican Republic (1993)
4· New York City, NY, USA (1991)
5· Chicago, IL, USA (2000)
6· Pisgah National Forest, NC, USA (1997)
7· Along the border of Illinois and Wisconsin (2003)
8· London, England (1999)
9· Carlsbad, CA, USA (2000)
10·Sydney, NSW, Australia (1998)
11·El Paso, TX, USA (2003)
12·San Francisco, CA, USA (2000)
13·Rome, Italy (2001)

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  1. :) Quite a few places there! I used to live near Youngstown Oh...Happy TT!

  2. You're so lucky you've able to travel to so many places -- most are great places to get lost in!

  3. Only 13 places!? What a thrill to get lost in Rome, Italy. I've even gotten lost in Rome, GA!

    My TT is also posted.

  4. Were you really lost? As the hubby likes to say: "I'm never lost, I know exactly where I am - here. Getting to there might be a challenge though."

  5. HAHAHA great list! I got lost 3 miles from where I lived in Japan once...lost for four hours LOL!

  6. I'm happy you have been to those places to get lost. :) I've only been to one of them - Chicago, IL. And that was many moons ago!

    Check out my TT.

  7. Heheh, those are some great places to be lost!

    Thanks for sharing. I get lost on a regular basis... though... it's usually between 2nd avenue and 2nd street of down town Minneapolis!

  8. Wow, I've never even been to most of these places to have the adventure being lost. LOL Glad you found your way back though. :-)
    Happy TT!

  9. Where in Sydney? I'm curious! :)

    Thanks for coming and visiting me :)

  10. Joan, I've not only gotten lost these 13 places--these are just the most interesting.

    She, I think I agree with your husband!

    Rahenbo, I've been to Minneapolis! Didn't get lost there, though (I don't think...).

    Misc. Mum, I was trying to find my way back from Paddy's Market and I took a wrong turn or two.

  11. Sounds like fun places to get lost in at least :)

  12. If I have gotten lost that much, I've blocked it out of my memories, lol.


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