Monday, April 23

Of Bubbles and Trikes

Well, just one trike, really, but that sounded funny to me.

This afternoon, it was absolutely gorgeous outside. My daughter had been begging to go out, and since it really was so pretty I figured we could have fun for a half hour or so before her nap.

While I was looking for her sandals, I found a couple of no-spill bubble wands and cups that some friends gave us last summer. "What fun," thought I. "We can blow bubbles in the sunshine."

Uhm, yeah. She's two. She's a bright kid, but she's never seen a bubble wand in use before. Plus, she dropped the wand out of one of the cups (it's around here somewhere) while I was making the bubble stuff, so I was blowing bubbles with a straw. She got all confused and was trying to suck on her wand in order to make bubbles come out. She quickly got frustrated with her lack of bubble prowess and decided to play instead on her new tricycle (a gift from Adam's parents for her birthday).

Sitting on the tricycle seat, her toes just reach the pedals. She was trying to ride from the sidewalk into the grass, but the inertia (is that the right word?) was just too much to overcome. I moved her out to the short paved part of the driveway where she did much better. Well, she rode backward pretty well, anyway. Maybe it's like crawling. She did that backward for a week or so before she started heading forward, too.

But she had fun, anyway. She was even almost ready to come inside when I announced naptime. Unfortunately, I think that was mostly because of the blister she got on her foot (Mom was trying to get one more wear out of too-small sandals that still looked like they fit okay for a quick romp around the yard...). Still, though, she went down for her nap with a minimum of fuss and I got a whole hour of Mommy-time.

*happy sigh*

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