Monday, October 23

What to Write

I find myself wanting to post today, but not being able to decide what to say. Too many idea running through my head with too few words chasing after them, I suppose.

So, instead of having to write for myself today, I thought I'd steal a fun idea from Jennifer at My True Self, and ask Google what I already wrote.

I searched for "Amy wrote" and I've listed the first five that make sense:

1. Amy wrote all about our meetup and there's a photo too!
Cool. I wonder what the photo looks like.

2. Amy wrote two hilarious essays about her childhood.
See, I wrote twice, I shouldn't be expected to write anything more.

3. Amy wrote and directed the feature film.
Clearly I'm too busy to worry about posting today, but I'll be coming soon to a theater near you. Keep an eye out for me!

4. Amy wrote that you recently spent a week away.
Wherever you were, I hope you had fun.

5. Amy wrote: I also received the same letters.
I got letters? Who wrote to me?


  1. Really cute idea! Now, why can't I be that creative?

    Jenny in Ca

  2. Jenny,

    You can be that creative! You just have to steal the idea from me, like I stole it from Jen (who took it from somebody else, anyway).

    In fact, I decree you are hereby tagged to make a "Jenny" Google post of your own.

    So how's that? :)



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