Saturday, October 21

Just Cuz

You all need to read the comment my dear sweet hubby left for me yesterday. Isn't he wonderful!! I read things like that and I start to rethink the whole premise of my Thursday 13 this week.

I hereby offer an alternate 13: Things I love about being married

1·I get to live with my best friend.
2·And sometimes, he cooks (Adam's a great chef).
3·I am learning better how God loves me.
4·I have a date on national holidays.
5·When I get sick, somebody else makes me soup.
6·Uhm... intimate relations.
7·Adam does the laundry.
8·I have an in-home tutorial on dying to self.
9·Regular cuddles on the couch, just the two of us.
10·Or just the three of us.
11·I have somebody to dance with at weddings.
12·Once in a while, I get pampered.
13·I finally feel like I'm a part of my family.

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  1. wow, what a sweet thing for him to say. I like your list, marriage is great.

    blessings today,
    Jenny in Ca


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