Friday, October 13

Unfinished Business

Being all excited about starting this blog, I e-mailed the URL to my husband and waited (im)patiently for his comments. He thought it was good, but the first entry sounded unfinished. That got me to thinking about how blogs work. In my mind, they're pretty well always unfinished by their very nature.

I should probably note, here, I'm not a happy-process girl. I know women are supposed to be more process oriented, while men focus more on the bottom line, but that just isn't me. I always hated it in math class when we had to show our work. My thought was, if I could get the right answer without having to go through all the steps we were taught, why did I have to write them down.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to realize that God is like my math teachers. While the ultimate answer in our lives is important, it's just as important how we've gotten there. Sigh. I can't seem to get away from this process business. And I'm a parent--can't get much more process than that!

So, my love, in answer to your concern about the first post cutting out in the middle:

This isn't even the middle yet. I'm still just at the beginning and looking to see what's out there.

(I love you!)


  1. Amy,

    I'm so excited you've started a blog!! You're such a good writer, and I can tell you enjoy writing--you'll love having a blog. You're off to a good start. Love your annotated 13!

    I'll add you to my sidebar soon. (after the last show and the Strike Party and the recovery days...)

    Blondechick just walked up and she loves your background.

  2. Thanks! I've enjoyed it so far.

    Tell Blondechick thanks for me too. I generally don't like pink stuff, but I thought this one was pretty cool.

    And what's she doing up at this hour?

  3. Hey Amy!
    It's Cort, I finally made it here to "check you out". I'm glad you got this started. I think you will enjoy it and you know it gives you more reason to sit at your computer.


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