Monday, April 11

What's the 2nd Greatest Commandment?

Somebody (I can't remember who anymore) gave us a book of Bible stories that came with a CD of children's songs. Rosi has taken to listening to the CD whenever we'll allow it.

Now, generally, I hate to limit her time singing and praising God, but this collection, while biblically based, tends a bit more toward insipid than inspiring. I try to listen with just half an ear while reminding myself that it's certainly a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Rosi was singing one of these songs in the car this morning and, once I identified the tune, didn't listen very closely. Then I caught a fragment of lyric and thought, "Wait, that's not right!"

I put on my listening ears and chuckled to myself as she sang her own version of a ditty about loving your neighbor.

The original words are:

La la la la la la la
Love your neighbor as yourself

Rosi's version went:

La la la la la la la
La, your neighbor has your stuff

When I told Adam about it later, he laughed and asked, "Does that make it okay, then, to covet your neighbor's things?"

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  1. Unfortunately, we tend to live, more often than we want to admit, according to Rosi’s version of the song. Our enculturated greed is so strong that we think the other person has it all; and we want it—like the toddler who yells, “Mine!” We act like vacuum cleaners, sucking up everything for ourselves, when God would have us be water fountains, air conditioners, delivery trucks, giving to others in agape. When we have experienced the love of God deep inside, it is easier to be a technological invention (Ephesians 2:10) that is more beneficial to all.


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