Friday, April 15

What Happened to Spring?

As I sit here looking out my sliding glass door, there is snow falling on the grass. SNOW. It's not supposed to be snowing. It's supposed to be 60°F outside and sunny. Well, okay, the sunny is negotiable, but by the middle of April it should be warm!

And speaking of the middle of April, have you done your taxes yet? Are you waiting for the last minute, googling which post offices are going to stay open until midnight tonight? Or are you like me, nursing fond memories of the tax refund you've already spent?

While we're on the topic of spending, what is up with gas prices? Just a few weeks ago here in Sioux Falls, they were about $3.39 per gallon. This morning I paid $3.59--and that was with a 14¢ discount. I know I shouldn't complain. In Chicago the price is up over $4.00. And my friends in New Zealand are paying US$6.59 a gallon this week. Yikes. I'm feeling richer already.

Plus, in the time it took to look all that up, the snow has turned back into rain. You know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers." At this rate, there ought to be a garden full of blooms come next month.


  1. What do April blizzards bring? Stone-cold gizzards?

  2. Last weekend they had snow in Flagstaff … a full foot of the white stuff! And this is supposed to be Arizona; I had run my air conditioner the week before.

    My tax man is famous for filing electronically my taxes the last minute. But they don’t have to be filed until Monday midnight because of some holiday. I don’t know if I’ll have to pay or if I’ll get a refund that I’ll apply to my 2011 taxes. I never get cash!

    I think it is horrific greed that allows the gas companies to raise prices when the gas we are pumping is what they bought months ago at a much lower price! And the biggest profits ever, I mean ever in the world, were by the oil companies in 2010! Greed, greed, greed.

  3. Adam, How about, "April rain and snow bring mental pain and sorrow"?

    Dad, I heard that they got 14" near Pierre this week. Crazy.

    We get refunds every year since we've got these two cute little tax deductions. :) By the way, they say, "Hi!"

    I'm not sure what to say about gas companies ... are they really any more exploitative than other for-profit businesses? Don't most investors want the highest return possible, even when it hurts others? I'm not suggesting that's appropriate or the right way for people to act, but it's certainly not exclusive to gas companies.


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