Friday, April 22

Favorite Sunday School Songs

I've mentioned the CD of children's Bible songs that Rosi so enjoys. I started thinking recently about some other songs we might introduce. I considered simply purchasing another collection, but I don't know many and I'd rather not spend money on something that may or may not be better than what we've already got. There are a lot of crummy children's music CDs out there. Anybody know a good collection of Bible songs you can recommend?

It occurred to me that I may end up having to put together a collection myself, so I started a list of good songs that I'd like my kids to learn (or at least songs I won't mind hearing so much). What are your favorite songs from Sunday school, VBS, and church camp?

So far on my list I have:
  • The Arky Barky Song (Children of the Lord)
  • Father Abraham Had Many Sons
  • I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart
  • Pass It On
  • This Is the Day

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