Wednesday, July 23

Works for Me: Hairspray

Hairspray, the new miracle drug ... well, not quite. But it is a handy little bottle to keep in the cupboard. Besides keeping your hair in place, a little hairspray can
  • Remove ink stains from fabric
    spritz a bit of extra-hold on the stain and scrub it away
  • Keep pencil drawings from smudging
    a light coat or two will keep your hard work from smearing
  • Preserve dried flowers
    keep the bugs away with a light spray (just watch out for lighted candles)
  • Asphyxiate ticks
    got this one from Dr. P during our last visit: get the bug nice and wet, then remove him with a tweezers when he pulls his little head out
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  1. Thanks for the tip about ticks!! We do a lot of hiking and spend alot of time outside, it is inevitable that we will encounter a tick sooner or later.


  2. Love that tip trick. I hadn't heard that one before, but good to know, for sure!

  3. I used to use it on drawings all the time! :)


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