Friday, July 25

Happy 200th

Welcome to my two-hundredth post!

(This is the part where the balloons would be dropping from the ceiling and everyone would start cranking up their noisemakers)

For my first hundred, I shared some of my favorites with all of you. Now it's your turn.

The prize is the same as last time: a free custom button or header graphic for use on your blog, website, or e-mail.

The rules are a little different: Rather than just leaving any old comment, I want to hear about your favorite post or quote or design from my blog. As before, you can gain an extra entry by linking here in a post of your own. Feel free to grab my website button if you want a more graphic representation.

You have until midnight on Thursday, July 31st to enter. I will draw one entry at random and the winner will be announced next Friday.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I still love the photo of your daughter - it's one of my faves on the entire world wide inter bloggy web!

  2. I entered! Me, me, pick ME!

  3. Not being one to mess much with my look :) ...despite a kind offer I just remembered I never took you up on...

    I'm just here to say Happy 200th!!


  4. you've asked me to do something I am completely out of depth...but I will check my blog! And...for the record..incase it doesn't work. I loved your post on 'Lessons on Grace' .The picture of your daughter..and then your realisation that God see's us the same way in life - was truly "Shack" worthy!
    Oh..and Happy 200th!! Enter me, just in case, ok?? I probably won't know what to do with a 'button' if I win it...but it's fun to be in the contest!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for entering. Comments for this post are now closed.