Thursday, June 14

Bloggetyville...100 mi.

It's my 100th post. Hooray! I had big plans to make a banner and everything, but somehow the time this week has gotten away from me. Alas.

Still, you can share in some of what I have most enjoyed creating so far.

Favorites from my first 100 posts.

My Best Photo:

My Favorite Meme: Meme of the Arts

My Best Carnival Entry: Thirteen things that make it Christmas

My Favorite Comment: You all leave some great comments! I couldn't choose just one, so I broke them down by category. My favorite serious/inspirational comment is from Cool Mama. I still have two that tied for the funny comment, one from Jeanne and the other from Ruth.

My Favorite Link From Another Site: My intro from At A Hen's Pace

My Favorite Graphic: (from this post)

Most Fun Off-site Links: I couldn't decide between SnowDays virtual snowflakes and 3D Stereogram, where you can create your own magic 3D images.

Most Inspiring Quote:
    [T]hink about what we do...spend time praying and seeking to discern what is done because it 'should' be, and what is actually part of God's plan and will. It is easy to feel like I 'should' be busy and active and accomplishing tangible things. But maybe for this season living the Gospel authentically means being content without being particularly productive. It's a challenge to live to please God and not others or myself.
    -Abigail Sutton (quoted here)

Best Books I've Read: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend wins for most useful, but Theodora's Diary by Penny Culliford wins for most fun. You can take a look at all my 2007 reads here.

Best Contest: I've never done a contest, so I thought this would be a good time for my first. Here's the scoop...

I'm giving away a free custom button or header graphic for use on your blog, website, or e-mail.

How to Enter
Leave me a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, June 17th. I will randomly select one winner on Monday, June 18th.

Improve Your Chances of Winning
Link to this post on your blog and I will enter your name into the drawing twice more. Also, if you can tell the character and movie for the quote below, I'll enter you once more.

Enough about me, let's talk about you.
What do you think of me?

***Updated to add***
You can e-mail me your reference for the quote using the link in my sidebar--you don't want to be giving away the answer to just anybody now, do you?

Let the festivities continue!!


  1. Congratulations on hitting the 100th post! I've just wandered over to your blog from your other blog's WFMW tip... and I've had a fun visit.
    I'll have to link your blog...

  2. My Friend Connie sent me over...sounds awesome! I'm linkin' you up, and then off to read your bloggity-blog some more! :D

    Congrats on 100!

  3. found you from Totally scrappy!

    Favorite is a great 100th post idea!

  4. Hey, congratulations on your 100th post!! I love that photo of your daughter, it's beautiful!!

    I'd like to enter the contest!!

  5. Happy to have found your blog...just in time! Off to read some of the links of your look back at 100 posts.

  6. Thank you all for entering.

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