Wednesday, June 25

Keeping Food Fresher Longer

This post originally appeared on By Hook or By Cook.

I have a tendency to purchase in bulk, thinking it will be a better deal. Unfortunately, when the bulk of my purchase spoils, all I've ended up doing is making expensive garbage. Here are a few ideas I've picked up along the way to help my food last longer.

  • Cheese: wrap loosely in waxed paper and cover with foil before placing it in the fridge
  • Butter: freeze butter in its original box inside a plastic bag
  • Greens: wrap gently in a paper towel inside a plastic bag or line a hard-sided container with paper towels
  • Fresh Herbs: cut ¼" off then end of the stems and set them in a cup of cool water as you would fresh flowers
  • Meat: divide larger packages of meat into your usual meal sizes and freeze in sandwich- or quart-sized zipper bags inside one- or two- gallon zipper bags
  • Ice Cream & Popsicles: keep frozen treats toward the back of the freezer, away from the warm drafts of an open freezer door
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  1. Thanks for this post.

    I could be doing a few things from your post to help out groceries last longer.


  2. I did not know you could freeze butter! Wow! Now I can stock up when I see a sale. Thanks for the tips!

  3. How many times have I cleaned up gunky popsicles that "melted" in the door of the freezer. That is tried and true tip at our house too.

  4. Great tips!! I'll have to try these out. :) Thanks a bunch. :)

  5. Hi Amy!

    I wanted to let you know I've frozen cheese many times, as well. Not great for just eating, but fine for cooking, topping, etc. And I imagine with your dairy moratorium, you probably are going through chees pretty slowly, these days. We put all our cheese, bread and butter right into the freezer when we get home from the store.


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