Sunday, June 15

Adjacent, Phonetically

We bought a new camping lamp that doesn't use and batteries or kerosene, but has a hand crank for light. It's pretty nifty. My daughter likes it a lot.

Which brings us to the subject at hand.

I was catching up on some blogs with some friends on the computer and she was powering up the lantern, wandering over every thirty seconds once in a while to show me how the lights go on and off.

Apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to her, because she started climbing up on the file box near my feet in order to push the lamp closer to my face give me a better view. She lost her balance and her grip on the lantern, the latter scoring a direct hit on my keyboard. The letter "J" popped right off and I heard it hit the wall to my right.

Mama never said there'd be days like this!

P.S. Anybody still wondering about the title?

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