Friday, June 20


I've been wanting to try something a little different with my quiet time. Well, honestly, I've been wanting to try to have a quiet time on a regular basis again. Once upon a time, back before I was married and had a child, QT consisted of reading though a book of the Bible while journaling and praying as the Spirit led. While I think that's a great system for somebody who has a lot of time and few demands on her schedule, that's just not me anymore.

So, help me out here:

What do you do to make sure your keeping up with God on a regular basis?

Is there a particular devotional guide that you enjoy? Do you have your own system of reading in the morning/praying in the shower/journaling after the kids go to bed? Feel free to link to your favorite devotional website or book, just please format your hyperlinks (as below), rather than spelling out full addresses.

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  1. I just want to remember to come back and see other's replies :)


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