Monday, March 10

Because I Promised

At church today, I saw a friend who reads my blog. I promised her I'd start writing again, so she wouldn't have to read my quote about logic yet again.

We're fully healed here, finally. I was sick with the flu for a good two weeks, though the rest of the family managed to get done in 4-5 days. After my second relapse, I finally figured out that my jump back into activity the moment I was feeling better wasn't really helping me. After giving myself permission to recover slowly, I started feeling considerable progress over just a few days.

Our little 3-year-old finally was able to have her birthday party, four weeks late. Our theme this year was a Teddy Bear Picnic. I spread a checkered tablecloth in the center of the living room and served snacks out of an old picnic basket I inherited from my grandfather many moons ago. Instead of a single birthday cake, we served individual mini cupcakes, decorated to look like Teddy bear faces.

Didn't Adam do a great job decorating?

I'll be posting a better description on By Hook or By Cook, along with the ducky cake info I promised last summer. I haven't forgotten! I'm just running behind (as usual).


  1. oh gosh those cupcakes are super cute! I just love them!

  2. Ah, Amy -

    Not sure if you were referring to me or not, but I 'liked' re-reading the logic quote. It's very clever :) But, thanks for more posts. I enjoy this glimpse into your life.



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