Wednesday, March 12

Works for Me: Kid Safety

I can't remember whether I read or heard this idea somewhere or I actually thought it up on my own. Adam and I started doing this with our daughter when she was old enough to be out of her stroller during our visits to the local aquarium (where we used to have a membership, so we went quite a bit).

Before heading out of the house, take a couple of digital photos of each child. Make sure one shows the whole outfit (or two if coat/hat/etc. will be worn--one with and one without) and another is a close up showing facial features. If you get separated from your child(ren), you not only have a recent photo available, but one which actually shows the clothing they are wearing.

For more tips, tricks, and ideas, visit Rocks in My Dryer.

**Edited to note: The instant I published this, I heard a crash from my daughter's bedroom. She'd fallen out of bed. Apparently she was calling my bluff on this safety business!


  1. And with all of the camera phones available, then it's even easier. :)


  2. OMG I have never heard of this before and it is such an amazing idea. I love it. Thanks so much.

  3. This is a terrific idea. I blogged about a similar idea a while back. Great minds think

    I also took some pictures and video of my child's whole body without clothes so I could document any birthmarks or other markings such as my children's crooked pinkies.

    You can never be to safe.

    (Thanks for the comment btw)

  4. Super idea!!! I have done this for years. A couple of things I do as well:

    1) I take pictures of them not smiling (if you were a lost kid, would YOU be smiling?)

    2) I dress them identically in bright tie dye shirts. It's so easy to spot them !


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