Monday, February 14

Way(s) to Celebrate

This post originally appeared February 14, 2009.

When I was in college, I had a friend who used to hate Valentine's Day, with all the attendant emphasis on being part of a couple. He referred to the occasion as "Single Awareness Day" or S.A.D. I have had a year or two (or twelve) in my life when S.A.D. was all I could manage, but for the most part, I'm much more interested in being a part of things, even if it's not in the conventional way.

So, today, I'd like to share with all my single, married, engaged, divorced, separated, and involved readers some ways to make this holiday that focuses on love meaningful for whomever is special in your life. Some of the ideas below may be more appropriate for a significant other. Others might be just right for a parent, child, sibling, or friend. Take your pick and make a fun day of it. Or, hey, choose several and celebrate all year!
  • Buy a package of note cards and write to your loved one (LO) every day or week until the cards run out
  • Do (or arrange for someone else to do) LO's least-liked chores for a few days or weeks
  • Get tickets to a series of LO's favorite movies, ballgames, symphonies, gallery openings, rodeos or whatever he or she is into and attend together
  • Write out a bunch of quotes and simple thoughts about love, marriage or encouragement on strips of paper, then roll up the strips inside empty capsule casings (like these) and put them in a recycled medicine bottle
  • Decorate LO's car, room, or office with a banner (I use index cards strung on twine) declaring your love
  • Print and frame a favorite or meaningful poem
  • Buy a book of short stories or poetry and set a time every day or every week to read aloud to each other
  • Arrange for a special, deluxe spa treatment, such as a massage, manicure or pedicure
  • Write short love stories, or just fun stories, starring you and your special someone
  • Have a good photo taken of yourself with LO and frame it or put it up as the wallpaper on his or her computer
  • Start a private (or public) blog and write about different ways LO is wonderful
Happy Valentine's Day!

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