Saturday, February 26

So Not Super

My children are driving me crazy. One more than the other, but both are contributing.

Today is a day I really wish we had normal weekend Saturdays like the majority of folks. I just want a lazy Saturday afternoon to go play in the snow at the park or something. Instead I'm "supervising" the kids while they're cleaning potato chips off the living room rug.

I put it in quotes because, clearly, as I'm writing a blog post right now, I'm not doing much in the way of supervising. Of course, they're not doing much in the way of cleaning either.

Rosi is flipping through a book of cross stitch samplers asking me, "What does X have to do with apples? Apples don't start with an X."

Ian is climbing into the toy box and sitting on top of the toys with his little feet sticking up in the air.

Deep breath.

Okay. I guess I can go be the grown up.

But later, I'm goofing off.

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