Wednesday, August 20

It's More Serious Than I Thought

I miss out on a lot of things since we got rid of the rabbit ears on our TV. I don't see all the new movie trailers. I don't get sucked into hours of courtroom "reality" TV every afternoon. My daughter hasn't watched PBS Kids in months. And I'm mostly okay with that.

Today I realized just how out of touch I've been, however. As you may already know, it's August. And we all know what starts every August ... wait, who said school?

Pre-season Football!

Somehow, I had it in my head that the pre-season games started in the middle of August. About now actually. I've been meaning to get myself over to CHICAGOBEARS.COM and download the schedule. When I finally did, I was completely shocked to discover I already missed two whole weeks of football!

I need to go lie down in a dark room with a cool cloth on my head. Talk amongst yourselves.

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