Monday, September 12

Evil Sucks

I had a disturbing dream just before I woke up about someone trying to hurt my kids. This morning I'm feeling pretty disgusted by the presence of evil in the world.

I've got it pretty good. I recognize that (most of the time). Overall, I live in a peaceful place. We have clean water and abundant food. We are free to worship God, or the god of our choosing, or no god at all, in pretty well whatever manner we see fit. We have access to educational opportunities aplenty. World-class healthcare services are practically on our doorstep.

And yet, we are also surrounded by disease, selfishness, destruction, and pain. People choose to hurt others because they can. Or because they don't care. Or because they just don't think.

So many people work so hard to make the world a better place to live. Yet so many others do nothing, or even actively work to make life more difficult for others. I'm having trouble today with the dichotomy.

I believe that God has wisdom far beyond my understanding. I really do. Still, today (like most days) I just can't imagine WHY free will was the best way to create people. Would the world really be worse off it we simply couldn't make bad choices? Really??


  1. Oh, Amy. I empathise with your frustration and anger. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I ask those kinds of questions. I seldom, if ever, get answers to them.

    Having said that, I do not believe that anybody's will is "free". If you define that theological term as the right/freedom to chose, then I can agree. I don't believe -- but I could be wrong of course -- that the Most High One gave us choice to make the broken world a better place. I think he did it because he wanted our love of him to be our choice and not forced on us. He wanted us to reject him or choose him as we decided.

    And having said that, I'm with you in many, many times wishing we were like the angels that did not fall with Satan, not able to choose badly. Robots sound very good at times. Some day we will always choose good, and those who choose hell (the place where God is NOT) for themselves, won't be there to muck things up. But of course, that must leave us grieving for them.

    Enough already. Thanks for your courage in being honest.

    mi tasol


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