Monday, July 11

That's My Girl

Rosi got a book and CD set of Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the library today. She insisted on starting it on the drive homeFootball Princess and has heard it at least twice since we've arrived. She was still listening when I went in to put Ian down for his nap.

After I'd come out of the bedroom, she asked, "Did you know that Beauty came to my house?"

"Did she?" I replied.

She nodded, adding, "And we played football!"


  1. So, I wonder if the Beast was there with Beauty playing football? Don't you just love their imaginations! And she's rich from both parents in that area.

  2. I asked Rosi if the Beast was there, too, and she said, "No." So I asked where he was; she just shrugged and went back to her activity. Apparently, only the princess matters. :)

  3. Adults know so little, don’t they! SIGH!


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