Friday, May 6

Congratulations, Planet Nomad!

Apparently, if you want people to enter your contests, you have to both give away something people want and actually have readers who visit regularly. Dang.

After I swept myself up off the floor that only ONE PERSON entered my book giveaway (dramatic sigh, "Nobody loves me!"), I decided to go with it and look on the bright side. This saves me the trouble of visiting that random number website to choose a winner.

Congratulations to Planet Nomad, and many thanks for making my giveaway a success. If you would please shoot me an e-mail with your contact details I will be happy to get your book in the mail.

Tell your friends ... I'll be here all week ...


  1. Sorry about your disappointing results. I did not even know you had a giveaway since I got your post about the book, and thought I’d bypass it, though I suppose I may have learned something about praying for my future wife if I were considering praying such prayers.

    I trust you have stopped supporting the manufacturer of Kleenex (having worked in the industry, you probably know exactly which paper company that is), and your teary eyes and runny nose are back closer to normal.

  2. Maybe in your case you could be praying for your past wives ... ;)

    As for Kleenex, it's made by Kimberly-Clark. We use Puffs here, which are a Proctor & Gamble product. I had to look those up online, though. For reasons I never completely understood, tissue plants don't generally consider themselves paper mills. The manufacturing process is the same, so far as I understand it, but there are some sort of intra-industry politics in play that keep the two separated. My nose is much better now, however. Thank you for your concern.

  3. Oh THIS will teach me to check my blog more often!! It's been a crazy and mostly computer free couple of weeks. Am I too late???? Please say no!! to e address now...

  4. Not too late! Now maybe if more people had entered to start with ... :)


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