Saturday, February 27

One of Those

I'm having one of those days, and I've only been up for 12 minutes!

Dozing in bed, nursing the baby, I suddenly felt him move away. That caught my attention immediately, since his usual motion is toward me, especially while he's eating. I opened my eyes to see Rosi working at tying a shoelace to his ankle and tugging him toward the edge of the bed.

He fell back asleep and I got up only to find that, despite going shopping last night, still the only "quick" breakfast food in the house is eggs. I just can't handle eggs right now. I dug out a leftover chunk of cheese and some pretzels for breakfast. I sat down at the computer to check my e-mail, while I had the chance. Reaching into the (nearly full) bag of pretzels, I knocked the entire thing onto the floor. Upside down.

No terrible tragedies, thankfully, just enough of the little things that MAKE ME WANT TO SCREAM. I don't get enough sleep for this.


  1. Spilling a bag of pretzels is the worst! All those little salty bits in the bottom of the bag? ARGH!!!

    Sorry it was one of those days. Hope you've had better ones since.


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